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The Drakes are passionate about faith and fitness because of a wake-up call James received not long ago. Doctors told him he might have the first signs of a potentially debilitating autoimmune disease called Multiple Sclerosis. The Drakes went on a journey to prioritize their health and beat the odds. Today, by God’s grace, the doctors say James is a walking miracle. James and Heidi share many of the principles they learned so you too can become the healthiest version of yourself.


The 6 Essentials Challenge & workbook will help participants better understand what the Bible says about health so they can gain more energy in life for the glory of God, the good of others, and their own enjoyment!

As a result of participating, young people will better understand God’s unique design for their body and enjoy improved cognition in school, and adults will benefit from understanding God’s purpose for their health and life while maintaining a healthy weight.

Seniors will be challenged to leave an eternal legacy that matters while reducing many health risks. The end goal for every body is to glorify God through Biblical health stewardship.

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Tired of drifting and feeling a lack of results in your health and/or workout programs? You’re not alone. The 6 Essentials Challenge and workbook are for you. James and Heidi are going to become your personal coaches to help you achieve your health and life goals. As long as you commit to the journey, they guarantee you will see results!

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Sometimes we all need a little help to get unstuck or make big changes. For this reason, we offer personal fitness coaching on a limited basis.

The first step on your transformational journey starts with an evaluation and goals. During this session, we identify possible underlying issues that prevent you from achieving your stated goals and then provide solutions on how to move forward.

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about the authors

James and Heidi are former fitness instructors and gym owners who have helped hundreds of individuals change their life through fitness and faith. James is a Pastor, Military Chaplain, and Pro Natural Bodybuilder. Heidi is a Physician Assistant, homeschool mom, and former NCAA track and field superstar. They know what it’s like to be busy and can help you get more out of life for the glory of God, the good of others, and your personal fulfillment.

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